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INTERESTING TIMES call for INTERESTING MEASURES... It is possible to land on Mars as comfortably as you landed on our website! Welcome to BASIC COMMODITIES SUPPLY SYSTEMATIC INNOVATIONS (PTY) LTD. Established in 2014, we have seen what we thought was normal back then and are moving with the times embracing what we see as the new normal. Through these cycles of existence, one thing stands out...normalcy evolves, so do we. Being aware of the opportunities created by every chaos, BACOSSI has been indirectly involved in key projects implemented in pursuit and fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals in the Southern Africa region from 2007. This has contributed immensely in energy, transport, water and sanitation, infrastructure, utilities, mineral extraction and beneficiation, food security, transportation, innovation ecosystems in industrialisation and modernisation of host countries and project principals. Our mission is to position Southern Africa into a favourable global economic space through economic diplomacy consultations, strategy and plenary sessions and implementation as Private projects, Partnerships (PPPs), Build Operate and Transfer (BOT), Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) and Repair Own Operate and Transfer (ROOT). These are the pillars of BACOSSI. Our expertise is of benefit in the following : Industrialisation and improved quality of life. Enhanced Mineral Resource Governance. Compliance and Risk Management. Consumer Protection Standards. Reintegration of communities. Economic Empowerment. Resource Beneficiation. Local Content Strategy. Diaspora Investment. SMEs Development. Quality Assurance. Competitiveness. Modern Energy.

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